Japanese Invasion of Joseon Dynasty

Imjin war was triggered by the Japanese invasion of Joseon in April 12, 1592 that lasted for 7 years until 1598. Though there was a temporary halt during the negotiation for ending the war, the Japanese army invaded again in January 1597 after the negotiations deteriorated. This re-invasion is often called the Jeongyujaeran.

The domestic and international background of Imjin War is that Japan waged the war on its mistaken conviction that it can win the war against Joseon easily with its superior military capability built over long civil war as part of efforts to expend the remaining military force in the wake of the unification of Japan while Joseon had relatively weaker military capability due to its fractional quarrels and arguments between parties


Splendid triumph of Admiral Yi Sun Shin in Imjin War!!
   (based on lunar calendar )

May 07
Okpo naval battle
1st naval battle
(Cyber Naval Battle View)
May 07
Happo naval battle
May 08
Jeokjinpo naval battle
May 29
Sacheon naval battle
2nd naval battle
(Cyber Naval Battle View)
June 02
Dangpo naval battle
June 05
Danghangpo naval battle
June 07
Yulpo naval battle
June 08
Sweeping victory in Hansan
3rd naval battle
(Cyber Naval Battle View)
June 10
Angolpo naval battle
September 01
Busanpo naval battle
4th naval battle
(Cyber Naval Battle View)
July 16
Chilcheonryang naval battle
September 16
Myeongryang naval battle
September ~ October
Battle in Suncheon Oigyo Castle
November 19
Noryang naval battle