Geobukseon & Yi Sun-Shin

It was the Jeonla Left & Right Navy and Gyeongsang Left Navy which defeated the invading Japanese navy and secured the command of the sea during the Imjin War triggered by the invasion of Japan.
Particularly, the driving force was the Jeonla Left Navy which was commanded by admiral Yi Sun Shin. The outstanding strategy & tactics in addition to the excellent performance of the Geobukseon and his commanding skill brought about the consecutive triumph. We should not forget that activities of residents under the Left Navy Base domain paved the way for the triumphs, not to mention the sacrifice and contribution by the good-fighting rank and file soldiers.
  - the Geobukseon had great fire power and was equipped with long range cannons named such as Sky, Land, Black, Yellow, Cannon, etc.
- the Sky cannon (Cheonjapo) fired round iron rings measuring 11.7cm and the range of this cannon was over 500m(1300 bo).
- the Land cannon(J Japo) fired cannon balls which were a little smaller than the ones fired from Cheonjapo, and it had a long range over 350m.
Geobukseon was capable of firing the cannonballs from Jjapo and Cheonjapo without any difficulty way far from the range of enemy fire.

- The range of Black cannon(Hyeonjapo) and Yellow cannon (Hwangjapo) that fired Daejanggunjeon, Hwajeon, had a range of approximately 300m.
- Seungjapo : Seungjapo which fires arrows loaded with gunpowder was used when the enemy has to be fought at close distance. It was light
-weighted and portable. It has a range of over 200m.

Enemy ship hit by Cheon, Ji, Hyeon Cannon were either completely destroyed or submerged after being burst to flames.
-Booms Man
-Personnel who manipulates the sail
-Anchor Man
-Gunpowder and cannonball loaders -Cannonball firing personnel
-Archers who shot arrows such as fire arrows and janggoon arrows
-The First Officer who maintains order on the deck
Number of battle personnel on board of Geobukseon : battle personnel : 45 persons
Rowing personnel : 80 persons
Number of Oars : 16 units
Number of gun holes : 36~72
The Battle personnel fired fire-arrow loaded with gunpowder in the tips, not to mention the cannonball (for the most part, the crew incessantly-fired cannonballs and fire-arrows made the enemy ship burst to flame and sink.) Battle personnel fired through the firing apertures on all sides, depending on the direction that Geobukseon is headed and the location of the enemy ship.