Birth Place Of Geobukseon

  Yeosu is the point where the Hanryosudo in the middle of the Southern coast of the Korean Peninsula begins. It has 317 small and large islets and is abundant with seafood and fish resources. The sea wind and warm current keeps the climate cool in the summer and as a result, it does not have a severe winter climate. It is a blessed ocean city with a relatively longer spring and autumn season than other regions.
It is a city of history and loyalty where the headquarter of Cholla Left Province Navy Base was located and Great Admiral Yi Sun Shin invented the Geobukseon to save the country while serving as the Navy Commander of Cholla Left Province. It is also an international marine resort tourism city in the new marine era 21st century, developing into a beautiful port of Yeosu which is venturing into the world.
Yuchon district industrial complex and Hwayang district were appointed as the free economic zone of the Gwangyang gulf, setting the development of the high tech industry, logistics and the ocean tour industry in full gear. Its designation as a specialized development zone allowed the adjacent area of Yeosu Soho-dong(near Soho Yacht Stadium) to be appointed as Yeosu ocean resort, which led to the current construction of major facilities such as tour hotel, condominium, convention center, water park and so forth.  
Moreover, the installation of Yeosu national industrial complex greatly boosted the manufacturing based on the Petrochemical industry, and the selling of brand regional agricultural and fishery products has helped improve the previously poor distributional structure, pulling up the income level of residents in the rural and fishery areas. The fishery brand products of Yeosu include Haenunri (ear shells, sea mussels, oysters, red sea brine, mackerel, octopus, anchovies, etc are among the seafood that represent Yeosu) and the agricultural brand products includes Dolsangat Kimchi and Odongdo Pure Rice(rice) and the like.
Yeosu city has various welfare facilities including 5 social service welfare halls, and is going ahead with the project to induce the citizens's participation into economic activities and expanding the welfare service for different classes of people including the elderly, children, women, the disabled and so on. It is also expanding the medial exam tour to improve the health and medical service for the residents of island.

Yeosu national industrial complex which was appointed as the specialized area for air quality preservation is keeping the air pollution level below the environmental standard through the stronger environment-monitoring activities by using portable pollution measuring devices.

In addition, Yeosu city has been expanding the exchanges and setting up sisterhood relationship & friendly city relationship with 9 countries and 15 cities in the world since it established the sisterhood relationship with Saga precinct of Garatz, Japan in 1982. It has held the Yeosu International Youth Festival in August of every year, cultivating the dream and romance of the youth. Furthermore, it is a city that is complete with social, educational, cultural and sports facilities that are good enough to qualify it as a city to host the 2012 International Exhibition.