Birth Place Of Geobukseon

Yeosu was once the headquarter of Cholla Left Navy Division Headquarter in Joseon Dynasty with as many as 3 shipyards where ship and army ship were dried.

Admiarl Lee, Soon-Shin built Turtle Ship with Nah, Tae-Yong, an army officer with excellent ship-building skill during the Japanese invasion in Jeoseon Dynasty. The Turble Ship is thought to have been built for the first time in three places like the shipyard of headquarter in Cholla Left Navy Division Headquarter(currently Jinnamgwan), Bangdapjin shipyward(currently Dolsan) and Suncheonbu Shipyard(currently Sijeon-dong, Yeosu). According to the diary kept by Admiral Lee during the Japanese invasion in Jeoseon Dynasty, the Turtle Ship is recorded as Yeong Turble Ship, Bangdap Tuirtle Ship and Suncheon Turtle Ship.

The Suncheonbu shipywad, which was restored at the location of 708 Sijeon-dong Yeosu-si, is currently registerd as the National Treasure No. 392, and at this place, Admiral Lee succeeded in test-runnning the Turble Ship in March 27, 1592 after he invented it for the first time.

At the adjacent area, there is 'Jadang-residing place' where people paid tribute to Ms Byeon, the mother of Admiral Lee, Soon-Sin.

The relics that can be found in Shipyard include:
Gulgang where the Turble Ship was dried and stored,  Seogumjeong where they sharpened the word and shield, Shipyard window which was the Navy Command, Barrack where the navy stayed, anchorage for Turble Ship, Pulmutgan where the swords and shields were produced, Observatory for monitoring the activities of Japanese navy, Mangma mounted party where the horse and navy were trained, archery and spear field where the navy practiced archery and spear-hurling, Beoksu(Seokin) that marked the off-limits to ordinary people.
Headquarter shipyard
(currently Jinnamgwan)
Bangdapjin shipyard
(currently Dolsan)
Suncheonbu Shipyard
(currently Sijeon-dong, Yeosu)